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General Information

Name: Clarice Starling
Canon: The Silence of the Lambs (Movie)
Canon Point: End of the movie
Address: 839 Hastings Boulevard.

-The gunpowder burn under her eye


Clarice Starling is a determined and ambitious woman. She starts the film as a woman who majored in two subjects, psychology and criminology and in fact graduated university with honours and is currently training to be a federal agent. What she wants is to work in the Behavioral Science Unit of the FBI and she’s going to work as hard as she can to get that to happen. She speaks her mind, even to people in charge. Telling Jack Crawford (head of the Behavioral Science Unit) that when he says they shouldn’t talk about such a violent crime in front of her because she’s a women, that it isn’t something she approves of. That people look to him, and act like him, what he says matters. He takes note of that. When something is wrong she doesn’t stay quiet, she speaks up about it.

She is incredibly brave and strong willed. She spends most of the film either talking to a serial killer, tracking one, or in the end, being trapped in a basement with one. In the darkness, she is clearly scared but she manages to keep her control. And when “Buffalo Bill” cocks his gun, Clarice is quick enough to turn and fire at him repeatedly, killing him in the process. She was totally unprepared to find the serial killer in that house as she’d been told that the FBI had him in a different city. She thought she was going to talk to an old lady who knew something about one of the first victims. It didn’t take her long to figure out the man is the person they’ve been hunting though; and even though she didn’t have any backup she pulled a weapon on him, knowing that they might not have a chance to save the kidnapped girl if she left.

She’s very ambitious, as mentioned before. She’s told that she shouldn’t tell Hannibal Lecter anything about herself. That the last thing you want is to let him get into your head. However when he offers her information on the “Buffalo Bill” killer in exchange for her answering questions, she agrees, and tells him things about her childhood, her past, and her worst memories. She’s been told many times that this is incredibly dangerous, but it’s the only way to get the information she needs to save the kidnapped girl. So she’s willing to take that risk.

On that note, Clarice was marked by an event in her past that we learn about when Lecter questions her. She was orphaned when ten years old and sent to live on an uncle’s farm. She woke up one night to the sound of screaming. She found it was lambs and she tried to free them, and then when that failed, tried to take one and run away with it. After that she often woke up, dreaming of the lambs screaming. They reminded her of her failure to save a single lamb. She wants to save things, to make her dead father proud, to keep the lambs from screaming in her dreams.

She’s very good at figuring things out about people. Using her training in psychology and interest in joining the behavioral unit, to look at people and figure out what they’re like. She is however still fairly new at her profession. At the end of the move she’s only just graduated from the academy, and so she still has a lot to learn. And she’s very eager to learn, from whoever she gets the chance to learn from, Jack Crawford or even Hannibal Lecter. She wants to do her best whenever she can.

She doesn’t deal with the press well as, being used to speaking your mind is something you have to watch out for. It can get you in trouble and that’s something she struggles with at times. Having to remind herself to keep to a certain tone, or to try and keep the peace when she’d very much like to insult someone or to tell them off. The tabloids like to jump on anything that has to do with “Hannibal the Cannibal” so when she went to see him, she got some attention from them. Being called "Bride of Frankenstein”. It’s not nearly as bad as what she’ll go through later. She’s generally polite as a rule though, even if she does speak her mind.